Torn From The Womb of The Sky

by Flesh Tomb

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Bathed in moonlight Spawn of twilight gods Nothing can save us From the endless dawn Tremble, Silence Sons of hate and pain Born of whispers Bound in iron chains Born From Tyrants Bane of Mankind Torn From the Womb of the sky This is the day that all light dies Torn. From. The. Sky
Shroud 01:34
Under The Dying moon Blood flows from and open wound Your good sits on his knees I made him bow before me Pay with your life While I’m watching you die Turning the knife Life leaves your eyes I’ve consumed all the worlds light Engulfed it in eternal light Suffering Death Chaos Nothing left
Burdened by the touch of the reapers grip And the harsh sound of your name from my lips You cave and crash under the weight of mortality No peace no hope A cruel fatality Set in stone You have no clue that I followed you home Blood Thirsty Gods plan has no mercy Exterminated in your own home Skinned to the bone Stripped of your fucking life Murdered like a fucking swine Beaten,broken Actions unspoken Unholy carnage This is the end Head Severed at the spine Heavens above denied Unforgiven Forgotten Left behind Found, watched, hunted Invaded then gutted Skinned and beheaded Treated like garbage Here’S where you stood All done by my power Here’s where you lay Gods plan is over Silenced by me I.Am.Your. Overlord.
Look me in the eyes when you die No use begging for life Buried in a tomb of knives Carving out all of your lies Coward piece of shit Scum of the earth You spineless bitch Dump the clip motherfucker Dump the clip til the gun’s dry Pumping rounds let the bullets fly I’m only aiming for your head Not stopping til you’re dead I built your coffin and I’m banging in the nails And when it’s my turn I’ll see you in hell
Blackness 01:47
The void calls like a winters grip Mother nature’s dancing limbs The sun at its highest point But not a ray within iris' glimpse Synthesized lives remain But the wind is what cries God’s creation kicking the chair out from under itself How dare thy hand rest upon my eyes Dancing upon the razor’s edge Was bound to get us cut Now nothing remains Dust to dust Be gone Belong They ears will hear thy swan song Kin to null


Vocals- Zach Wilson
Guitar- Ryan Giordano
Bass- Jack Mulvanerty
Drums-Ladon Vance

Recorded and Mixed By Wyattoberholzer
Mastered By Ryan Mulvanerty

Additional Lyrics- James Boyle

Dedicated to all our haters


released August 9, 2019


all rights reserved



Flesh Tomb Wilmington, Delaware

Former Mercy Blow/Internal Bleeding and Vicious Embrace members come together to punch you in the dick with the hardest ass music you'll ever hear.

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